Dry Herb Vaporizer


The Dry herb kit is great for those who are tired of rolling their herbs, losing their lighters or to lazy to look for papers.


Main Features:

1. Fast Heating: Temp can reach 215c in 15 seconds.

2. Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery: Approx 300 charging cycles

3. Used for dry herbs, tobacco leaf.

4. Separated Heating Chamber, easy to clean

 Dry Raw Herb Vaporizer Kit Information:

1.Rubber Mouthpiece

2.Ceramic Filter

3.Mesh Filter


5.Chamber Connector

6.Ceramic Heating Chamber

7. LCD Battery 

1. Rubber Mouthpiece: This Rubber Mouthpiece is the essential piece of the device.

2. Ceramic Filter: The Ceramic Filter allows a smooth airflow from the Ceramic Heating Chamber to the Rubber Mouthpiece.Fitting directly into the Rubber Mouthpiece, this filter is designed to cool air before passing to the rubber mouthpiece, preventing heat from entering your mouth.

3. Mesh Filter: The Mesh Filter is located in the Chamber Connector and acts as the first line of protection from any particles before reaching the Ceramic Filter.

4. Spring: The Spring is the ultimate add on to have the ultimate experience with the device. The main function of the Spring is to apply pressure to the dried blends within the Ceramic Heating Chamber to allow for even heating throughout. There will be no need to open the device to make sure that all the dried blends were used.

5. Chamber Connector: The Chamber Connector houses the Mesh filter and the Spring. Also, it connects between the Rubber Mouthpiece and Ceramic Heating Chamber.

6. Ceramic Heating Chamber: This is where all the magic happens. Made out of stainless steel and ceramic parts, all you have to do is simply add your dried blends and you are ready to go. The Ceramic Heating Chamber will heat your dried blends and release the vapor through the Rubber Mouthpiece.

7. Rechargeable Battery: The specialized Lithium Ion Battery is designed with a unique size and power. A simple push of the power button activates the device and the LCD display.

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