Gen Nano Mod

Gen Nano Mod

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The Vaporesso GEN Nano Box mod is equipped with a built-in battery with a capacity of 2000mAh and supports 2A fast charging, offering you a longer vaping experience in a portable size. The maximum output power of GEN Nano is limited to 80 watts. Equipped with the advanced AXON chipset, the GEN Nano releases the full potential of the GEN NANO, The innovative Pulse Mode supported by the AXON chip is a way how it brings out the power, making the GEN NANO fire every 0.02s to maintain the temperature control settings previously input, providing you a delicate controlled vaping experience. The Power ECO MODE leads to a longer battery endurance.


* AXON Chip
* Portable Size
* Ergonomic Design
* 2000 mAh Built-in Battery

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