Level X Boost Device Kit

Level X Boost Device Kit

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The Level X Boost 850mAh Device Kit is compatible with the Level X boost Pods and backwards compatible with the original Level X pods as well (boost mode will only work with the Level X boost pods). If paired with the new Level X Boost 15k Pod, you can use boost mode, activating the 0.5ohm coil. The 850mAh boost battery has a TRI-COLOUR battery indicator. Additionally the battery supports up to 23w of power in Boost mode at 0.5ohms.

Not Compatible with the LOOP / STLTH / VICE Pods

850mAh Battery Capacity
Boost Mode (Compatible with Level X Boost Pods)
Dual Coil System
Rechargeable USB-C Battery
Boost mode - Dual Mesh Coils, at 0.5oh
Standard mode - Single Mesh Coil, at 1.0ohms

It Includes:
1x Level X Boost 850mAh Device